OPRA - Records Requests

The Open Public Records Act provides for the public to obtain copies of existing records that are public records.  Some records are exempt from public dissemination and are usually of a confidential nature.  Only existing records are available.  An OPRA request that is seeking information or an opinion that would require accumulation of data and the creation of a document does not fall under the regulations of the OPRA laws.  Only existing public documents may be provided at the per page copy rate.  Please note that Maurice River Township does not accept OPRA requests via fax transmission.  A copy of the OPRA request form is provided below.

The Municipal Clerk serves as the Records Custodian for all records requests.  The OPRA request form should be submitted to Denise L. Peterson, Registered Municipal Clerk either by email at dpeterson@mauricerivertwp.,org or by mail at P. O. Box 218, Leesburg, NJ  08327.

Replies to OPRA requests will be responded to with 7 business days as provided by law.  Please indicate the method of receiving your reply on the request form.