About Us

Maurice River Township, Gateway to the Wild and Scenic Rivers, is 94.7 square miles of scenic, rural villages situated in Southeastern Cumberland County. Bordered on the West by the Maurice River, and to the South by the Delaware Bay, Maurice River Township boasts of prime fishing and boating opportunities. Rich in natural beauty, the land supports abundant wildlife and provides unparalleled recreational opportunities.


Located only one hour from Atlantic City and Philadelphia, Maurice River Township assumes no resemblance to the busy cities. Dotted by quaint communities winding through backwoods and wetlands, the rural communities enjoy a quiet, peaceful setting. Just off the main arteries of State Highway Routes 47, 49 and 55, most of serene Maurice River Township can be enjoyed by travelers commuting to the busy shore points.

Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities include sand mining, water-based activities and eco-tourism. Marinas and chartered fishing vessels capitalize on Maurice River Township's proximity to the Delaware Bay for prime fishing and crabbing. The promotion of eco-tourism provides birders and other wildlife enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy saltwater and freshwater habitats via strategically placed lookout platforms and protected areas. NJ. Fish and Wildlife Management maintains three refuges within Maurice River Township's boundaries: Heislerville, Corson and Peaslee Tracts. Other preserves are maintained by The Nature Conservancy along the Menantico Creek, as well as, the Estuary Enhancement Program at Thompson's Beach and the East Point Lighthouse through the Maurice River Historical Society, and provide opportunities for naturalists and historians alike. White-tailed deer, wild turkeys, frolicking otters and even the majestic American Bald Eagle, are native to Maurice River Township. The endangered horseshoe crab spawns along the beaches, and the monarch butterfly visits the East Point area on its annual migration.

Quality of Life

Maurice River Township offers a safe, family oriented, tranquil lifestyle. Most villages are home to life-long residents who appreciate the scenic surroundings and new residents seeking to become a part of our rural character. Nature, history and cultural diversity make Maurice River Township a unique destination.