Things to See & Do

Wild & Scenic Rivers

Maurice River Township includes all four of the designated Wild and Scenic rivers - portion of the Maurice, the Menantico, the Manumuskin, and the Muskee Creek. Each has its own unique characteristics. Of particular interest, the Manumuskin drainage basin harbors thirty-two rare plants, making it one of the most botanically significant areas in New Jersey. The reptile and mammal diversity is unusual, and 15 of New Jersey's 25 threatened and endangered bird species breed here.


Ospry Nest
  • Shorebird migration in May at the Delaware Bay towns of Moore's Beach, East Point and Thompson's Beach.
  • Neotropical songbird migration, both spring and fall, around East Point.
  • Autumn raptor migration around East Point/Delaware Bay.
  • Wintering waterfowl and raptors, especially large populations of bald eagles on the Maurice River.
  • Nesting bald eagles hunting the Maurice from early spring through summer.
  • The osprey colony project, established by Citizens United; approximately 27 active nests along the Maurice.

Wildlife Management Areas

  • Heislerville and Corson Fish and Wildlife Management Areas, near Heislerville and Matt's Landing.
  • Peaslee Wildlife Management Area, containing much of the headwaters of the Manumuskin River and Muskee Creek; typical Pine Barrens flora and fauna; includes Cumberland Pond on Route 49.
  • Menantico Wildlife Management Area, at the head of the Menantico River.


  • The Manumuskin Preserve, a 3,200 acre parcel owned by the Nature Conservancy, is home to numerous threatened and endangered species. Hikes and other interpretive activities are offered by The Nature Conservancy (609-861-0600).
  • Estuary Enhancement Area, owned my P.SE&G. and managed by The Nature Conservancy on Thompson's Beach Road.
  • The Nature Conservancy can be reached at 856-861-0600 or visiting their local office at:
    2350 Route 47
    Eldora, NJ

Boating & Marinas

Matts Landing Marina
  • Spring Garden Marina
    67, 71 Spring Garden Road
    Port Elizabeth
    Phone: 865-825-5334
  • Yank Marine Services, LLC
    487 Main Street
    Phone: 856-785-0100
  • Boat World Marina
    67, 69 River Road
    Phone: 856-785-9878
  • Anchor Marina
    108 Matt's Landing Road
    Phone: 856-785-9899
  • Popeye's Marina
    140 Matt's Landing Road
    Phone: 856-785-2331
  • Barnacle Bill's Boat Storage and Supplies
    4584 Route 47

Historic Villages & Structures

East Point Lighthouse Sign
  • Dorchester - mid 1600's (by Swedish), has been a shipbuilding town for over 200 years.
  • East Point Lighthouse - built in 1849. Last remaining lighthouse on the Cumberland County Delaware bayshore. Maintained by East Point Lighthouse Historical Society and frequent subject for artists.
  • Heislerville - late 1700's.
  • Leesburg - late 1700's.
  • Port Elizabeth - 1785.

Family Restaurants & Take-Out

  • George’s Pizzeria
    654 Main Street
    Leesburg, NJ  08327
    Phone # 856-785-0700

  • Maurice River Diner
    3830 Route 47
    Millville, NJ  08332
    Phone #856-327-4433

  • Papa Luighi’s
    3890 Route 47
    Dorchester, NJ  08316
    Phone #856-825-4955