What should I expect when I go to court?

• Prior to entering the courtroom, please turn off or silence your phone or pager.

• When you get to court, check in with court staff.

• Listen to instructions from court staff and from the judge. The proceedings are sound recorded, so please remain quiet until it is your time to speak.

• The judge will give an opening statement explaining court procedures, defendants’ rights and penalties.

Cases are usually called in the following order:

Requests for postponements

Uncontested motions

First arraignments

Guilty pleas

Contested motions

Pleas of not guilty with an attorney

Pleas of not guilty without an attorney

• A case may be postponed to give you time to obtain representation by a private attorney or by a public defender if you qualify and prepare your defense. If you need a postponement, ask the court staff for assistance.

• If your case involves a dispute between you and another person, you may be required to participate in a discussion with a mediator to attempt to settle the dispute without going in front of the judge.

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